Children First Foundation
Has Successful Gala at Lincoln Center 
From left to right: Larry Kudlow, Dr. Elizabeth Rex, Lorrie Erli of Solutions Pregnancy & Health Center (NJ), Angela McNaughton of Pregnancy Care Center (NY), Susanne Metaxas of Midtown Pregnancy Center (NY), Rhonda Tomko of Grace Initiatives (NJ), Elaine Carroll of Birthright of Greater New Haven (CT), and Keith Brilliant of Hope Pregnancy Center (CT). 
   The Children First Foundation held its 2007 Gala Concert for Adoption at Avery Fisher Hall on Wednesday evening, April 11. The crowd enjoyed a magnificent New York Philharmonic concert followed by a beautiful reception on the Grand Promenade. Lincoln Center's stunning views created an elegant backdrop to the evening's award ceremony.
     Msgr. Peter Finn of St. Joseph’s Seminary (Dunwoodie) gave the opening invocation. Dr. Elizabeth Rex, CFF co-founder and President, introduced Master of Ceremonies, Larry Kudlow, as a “pro-life hero in his own right.” Mr. Kudlow, a familiar face and voice to many, is CEO of Kudlow & Co., an economic and investment research firm, and host of CNBC's “Kudlow & Company” as well as of the “Larry Kudlow Show” on WABC Radio on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Acknowledging that the true heroes were sitting in the audience, Larry spoke about his pro-life views that continually encourage him to advocate that “anything that can be done should be done” to help a woman in crisis choose life.
     Richard Greco, CFF Advisory Board Member and former Assistant Secretary of the Navy, told the audience that scheduled speaker, U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, who strongly supports adoption, was unfortunately unable to attend the event. He then introduced Glenn Chambers, the Senator's Chief of Staff, who spoke on Senator Brownback’s behalf.
     Tom Atwood, President of the National Council For Adoption and Chairman of the National Safe Haven Alliance, then spoke about the importance of the adoption option and Safe Haven laws that give women positive alternatives.
     Tom then introduced CFF’s guests of honor, Tim and Aedan Jaccard. Tim Jaccard is a full time Nassau County Police Ambulance Medical Technician. In 1997 he was called to Hempstead to remove the body of a discarded 6lb. 4oz. newborn infant from a toilet. He was so profoundly moved by the event that he adopted the deceased baby in order to give her a proper burial. Thus began his crusade to insure that “not one single baby is ever thrown in a garbage pail again.”
     Tim founded the AMT Children of Hope Foundation and has tirelessly and successfully lobbied for the enactment of Safe Haven Laws in 48 states. Tim and Aedan are dedicated to educating pregnant women in crisis -- and the general public-- about the existence of Safe Haven laws which provide a life-saving  “last option for the desperate woman.” Thanks to Tim and Aedan’s heroic efforts, 125 newborns have been safely relinquished and lovingly adopted in the Tri-State Area: 95 in New York, 24 in New Jersey and 6 in Connecticut. Last year alone, Tim received 2,403 calls for help on his crisis hotline (1-877-796-HOPE) and helped 105 women make parenting plans and another 102 women make traditional adoption plans.  In 2006, Tim also had the sad duty of providing dignified burials for 6 deceased newborns, tragic victims of neonaticide.
     In addition to the AMT Children of Hope Safe Haven Program, six other pregnancy centers and maternity homes -- two from each state -- were honored and awarded CFF Grants: Birthright of Greater New Haven, CT; Grace Initiatives of Toms River, NJ; Hope Pregnancy Center of Cheshire, CT; Midtown Pregnancy Center of New York City, NY; Pregnancy Care Center of New Rochelle, NY; and Solutions Pregnancy & Health Center of Shrewsbury, NJ.  In all, CFF’s 2007 Gala Concert for Adoption raised and awarded over $8,000 in CFF Grants for all these outstanding organizations.