Connecticut Right to Life
Warmly Welcomes CFF
and the “Choose Life” License Plate
into the "Constitution State"

 CFF President Dr. Elizabeth Rex speaks at the CT RTL Convention.

CFF was honored to be supported by Connecticut Right to Life and ProLife leaders of Connecticut at its annual convention held in late October.

Dr. Elizabeth Rex was invited to speak before the audience of over 500 people attending the convention.  Connecticut is the only state in the northeast that has the “Choose Life” plate on the road.

CT RTL President Bob Muckle encouraged the attendees to support CFF and obtain the “Choose Life” License Plate.

CT RTL President
Bob Muckle with
Dr. Elizabeth Rex 
"We are so delighted to have the support of the leading pro-life organizations and key pro-life leaders throughout the tri-state area," noted Dr. Rex. "In particular, Connecticut Right to Life and its effective leadership is a blessing to CFF and to the pro-life, pro-adoption cause."
Dr. Elizabeth Rex with
Joseph Scheidler,
National Director of the
Pro-Life Action League